Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Andrew's 3rd Birthday Party

I am sure this was Andrew's first birthday party of his life, he really wasn't sure what to do with all the presents most of the time if it was a gift bag he would put it on his arm and head for the door and start blowing kisses as if he were going bye bye. It was just too cute! His favorite gift that I could tell that brought a smile to his face was new tennis shoes, we all know how much he love shoes .
I bought him his own little cake just to see what he would do.............well he tasted it once and then rubbed it all over him as if he were taking a bath.  I just knew my child would be blue for weeks but thank goodness it all came out the first bath. I can't explain to you how much this child is loved by everyone he brings joy to everyone he meets, he never meets a stranger. Here are some pictures from his party.     

                                                              Singing Happy Birthday!
                                             OK, Maybe not so yummy decided to rub it all over him and I    
                                              do mean ALL over him!
                                                        Yes it all washed out the first
                                                          washing, Thank Goodness but he had a good time and that is all that mattered.                                                  

Monday, September 6, 2010

Just Having Fun !

This was a gift given to us by the director of our children's after school program and summer camp, not only does it match Andrew's room but it says it all.  Thank you  Ms. Natalie you have been with us every step of the way.
Here are a few pictures of us just having fun and letting Andrew experience all the new things in his life.
                         His first trip to Build A Bear, his big sissy's favorite place to go !
                                                Getting the puppy's  heart.   
                                          Trying to be like his big brother.
                                                  This boy loves shoes!
                                              Baby Powder, LOL !                           
                                                                 Helping with homework.
                                          All this fun can make a boy tired. Thanks to his brother he had a pillow. This child has brought so much joy and happiness to our family we all love him so much. Thank you God for adding this precious child to our family.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy !

Sorry I haven't posted lately I have been so busy catching up on things that were neglected while we were gone and running after a almost 3 year old...............Whew I am tired.  I took Andrew this week for his evaluation at the school and he will start in a couple of weeks half days, it is hard to believe he is only 3 and will be starting a program at a real Elementary school. They will work with him and provide speech therapy a couple times a week, I hope he does well he has been with me everyday since he has been home and yesterday will make 2 weeks we have been home.  I start work Tuesday and he will start the church daycare, I am so dreading it.  I really hope he doesn't think I am abandoning him at another orphanage that will worry me all day and I really hope he doesn't cry when I leave that will tear me apart.  He is so smart I know that he is going to do well.  I love him more and more each day he is so funny and loves to mimic me which sometimes scares me! LOL
Took him to get his eyes examined on Wednesday the doctor said his eyes were really healthy, but that he would have to wear an eye patch everyday for 30 mins. rotating eyes everyday. This is because his eye crosses in sometimes putting the patch over the eyes is suppose to help them strengthen their eye control.  He has to go back in December to be rechecked.  I thought for sure when I patched his eye he would have a fit but he didn't he just went on about his business playing until the 30 mins was up.  I was so proud of him! After his eye appt. we took him to the mall this was his first trip to the mall and we went to Build A Bear and he made a stuffed dog.  I have pictures but they are still on my phone will download them later just haven't had time. I promise the next post will be pictures !