Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Party !!!!

This weekend we went to a birthday party and Andrew had the time of his life they had rented a little train and a blow up slide and he loved it .
                                                   Riding the train !

                                                       of courses he wanted to drive.
Mama even liked it to!

Birthday Girl, Happy Birthday Emma Caroline !

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Only 2 Months

I can't believe we have only been with Andrew for 2 months it seems we have been together for a life time.
I can't explain the joy he has brought our whole family he is such a blessing we all love him so much. Sorry I haven't posted in a long time I am so busy with work, school, football and just keeping up with all the house work.
Andrew has started school he goes every day from 7:40 am until 10:20 am and he loves it and I think everyone at the school knows him by name. After school he goes to the church daycare until I get off work he has a full schedule but has adjusted to it all very well, he never meets a stranger. Today he had his 2nd doctors appt. just to see how things were going, they were so amazed how much he has grown in this short period of time.  He has blossomed like a flower since being with us he gets so much attention he is to the point of being a little spoiled...but who cares! I want to give him everything he has never experienced and more.
Andrew is blowing me kisses and telling me bye before he heads off to school!

                              Brotherly love !
Andrew wasn't so sure about Abbie and Max at first but now they have become close friends.  Andrew loves to feed them from the table and they love to clean up after him.  He enjoys covering them up with his blanket and they don't seem to mind, they even sneak to get a kiss or two