Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan

Friday, January 29, 2010

I am so wore out !!! Had a hot dog sale today and delivered them, we had over three hundred hot dogs delivered. Had a great turn out made over $500.00.......I can't believe it. First thing this morning we had to go to school. Aaron received TERRIFIC KID, I was so proud of him. He looked so sweet sitting up there with some of his classmates. Alaina has already gotten it the first part of the year and she got it last year. I have great children and I love them more than anything in this world and I know Duncan will be loved just the same, just can't wait to get him here. Thanks to my mother, mother in-law and her friends or we could have never made so many hot dogs. They were the professionals, my mother in-law said I made messy hot dogs!! Oh well food service has never been anything I would want to do, nor have I ever done it. I would be some body's worst nightmare as a waitress:)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thanks so much to everyone who is helping with our fundraisers, It really does touch our hearts! Still just waiting on fingerprinting appointment and to hear word back from he home study. Completed my online adoption course that I was required to take, kinda crazy but I could see why they would want you to take it. It kinda emphasized on a lot of negatives of what ifs or things that could happen or go wrong. I guess they just want you to be aware of what could happen and what you might be facing. I am sure it will be a big change for Duncan leaving his familiar surroundings and his ordinary routine, But I know it will be better here with his forever family.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Received my letter from the bank and it was right. Yulia received my letter and I received a letter from Homeland Security saying they received my I600A and we would soon be getting an appointment to be fingerprinted. WOOHOOO , I am getting closer !!!!!!!! It is such relief that things are coming together. Starting to think about what color I am going to paint Duncan's room. Aaron's room is blue so I want it to be a different just not sure what yet. Alaina is moving to a different room and she wants her room pink now instead of purple so soon I am going to be doing a lot of painting and moving of furniture. I guess this can keep me occupied during all the waiting I will have to endure. I also think it will be fun :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Today I feel a little impatient, I really wish this whole process would speed up. The after school program where my children attend are having a silent auction for us the 1st of February we are so lucky to have such wonderful people supporting us. We have had so many people donate such wonderful things. They have also started what they call as coin wars to see which age group can bring the most change. Natalie, the director has been so good to do all this for us she is really working hard and we appreciate it so much. I know this has taken a lot of time out of her busy schedule. I ask God every day to lay his hands on Duncan every night to protect him and let him know that he is loved and soon will be with his forever family !

Monday, January 18, 2010

I am almost there, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel just a few more pieces of paperwork and I think I will be done! They do keep adding stuff but nothing too hard. Talked with my social worker yesterday she said she would be mailing out our home study this week....yeah !!! So now we will be waiting to get approved by DSS, which shouldn't be a problem. Still haven't got fingerprinted yet hopefully won't be long. Only problem is we are still short on funds but hopefully by the time we are ready to travel it will all be there.....I pray. I feel God is in this so he will provide, I have FAITH :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

My heart goes out to all the people in Haiti , my thoughts and prayers will be with each and every one of them. Sometimes when these disasters occur you realize your own problems aren't so bad.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Got papers from the bank today, but guess what not what I needed, I am not believing these people you send the actual paper of what you need and you get something totally different. I guess here I go again, but that's OK because I will get it no matter what!!! Sent off my I600 forms hope everything goes smoothly with that, I heard it takes about 2 weeks to get an appointment to get finger printed I hope that is right...... seems reasonable:) This whole experience so far has brought a lot of new people into our lives and GOOD people. It is so wonderful that people you don't even know would stand behind you and give to such a wonderful cause. We need all the prayers we can get to make this whole process go fast and smooth. Sent my letter to the Ukraine about the specific child we wanted to adopt, sent it before Christmas and it still has not been received according to the postal services. This is really freaking me out....hope it turns up in the proper hands. Well I still have more paperwork to do so I better get busy !

Saturday, January 9, 2010

YES !!!! I finally got the medical forms and they are correct and good to go !! I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me! Now I can move on to the next task which I don't think will be as hard or I hope not as hard as these medical forms. I know my doctor was about ready to scream he has seen me everyday this week, but I really didn't care I wanted this done . I have been so stressed out but I am getting so much closer to getting Duncan home and I can't wait to be able to hold him in my arms. I am so glad I have the support of Meredith and McKenna they have helped me every step of the way.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sorry I haven't updated in a few days paperwork has really got me down. Medical forms are a nightmare I have redone them 3 times am now waiting to see if they are correct this time. I am about ready to SCREAM!!! I know it is all worth it and I will redo them 3 more times if necessary. Home study meeting went very well I really do like Lynn she is really sweet. I think she wants to see Duncan here as much as we do. Alaina is starting to get antsy about us going and leaving her for 2 weeks I have explained she can't go and I will miss her and Aaron also but that I have to go. Aaron has not mentioned it, I guess he is trying to be brave. I know it will be hard on all of us but hopefully it will go by faster than we anticipate.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Nothing is really new, I still don't have the medical forms should be getting them tomorrow. I have finished more paperwork but still have some more to go. I will really be glad when that part is over. The lady from the home study is still coming Wednesday and I am very nervous just don't know what to expect. The church where my children go to an after school program are setting up a silent auction for us as a fundraiser. We are also planning a hot dog sale at the end of January and a woman less fashion show in February which should be a hoot! I am so touched how people are willing to help it really has taught me a lesson. The past few days I have been nervous about the whole thing I just want to bring him home. I dread going to the Ukraine it scares me to death seeing as how I have only been on a plane once in my life and I hated it!!! Not to mention I was only on it for a few hours. I know it will be all worth it to see that little face in person and to be able to hold him and comfort him. I have to trust in the Lord to keep me calm and help me through this whole journey.