Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Sorry I haven't posted since being home just trying to get use to the time change and spending time with my children.  I did go back to work on Wednesday and will work until tomorrow and then we fly back on Sunday afternoon.  I so dread all that travel but I can't wait to see my baby again, I am so afraid that he has forgotten us.  I miss him so much I look at all the pictures we took of him and all the videos and it just makes me smile.  I never imagined that he would be such a happy child filled with so much personality.  I can't wait to see that little smile and hear his laughter I miss him so much. 

Thursday, July 22, 2010


                                       ANDREW DUNCAN FREEMAN
As of today this is officially our new son, Thank you Lord for leading us to this precious angel that you knew all along was to be our son !!!
I was so nervous today in court, not really knowing what to expect but everything went very smoothly.  The Judge was very young but very professional, he asked me to stand up tell him my name, date of birth and place of birth, how much education I had and where I worked, he asked the same of my husband.  He asked why we wanted to adopt and if we could afford another child.  The court room was a small room not the kind of court room I am use to , there were about 8 other people in the room.  The director of the orphanage seemed very happy that we were adopting Andrew she spoke in our favor.  The Judge leaves the room to make a decision and then comes back and pronounces him as our son Andrew Duncan Freeman and then congratulates us,  That was a great feeling....we do have to wait the 10 days so our order will not be signed until August the 3rd.. My husband and I have made the decision to go home for this wait and spend time with our children at home who we have missed something terrible, we have never been apart this long and it has been hard for all of us.  So I will get to see my little man tomorrow for the last time until I return to pick him up and I can't wait !!! I am going to miss him so much and I hope he doesn't forget who we are. 
Wednesday when we visited him he gave his daddy sugar for the first time it was so cute and I was lucky enough to get a picture.  This is the first time he has kissed that we have seen.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Now....court on Thursday

OK now we are  being told court will be Thursday at 11:30 hope this is right I am so ready to go to court! Forget being nervous at this point I am just ready to go!  I am debating on asking the just to please waive the 10 day waiting period, would I be wrong? can he throw me in jail for asking? Thursday's court determines a lot of things for us if we have to wait the 10 days then I see no choice that we will have to go home and then come back.  I don't want to leave my precious angel here but I really don't have much of a choice I have two at home that need me just as much. I have so many unanswered questions that need to be answered before the weekend, we are scheduled to fly out on Sunday........ so will we.... or will we not? Oh well only time will tell, I just wished they counted weekends in that ten days that would help a lot but oh well I have a lot of suggestion that would help a lot but they don't care what I think. 
Today's visit was great and thank God it had cooled off,  yesterday I thought I was going to melt. Of course he was so happy to see us he ran to me and I held him in my arms it felt so wonderful.  Allen would hold his arms out for him to come to him and he would shake his head no, he did this several times and I loved it. I think he is going to be a mama's boy. We took the camara but it had no batteries in it so no pictures today sorry!   We are going out for pizza this evening so I am going to try to get some more interesting pictures of what you may see on the streets and each day let me tell never know what you might see, at least it keeps me laughing. 
Well pray court goes well and let me know your opinion should I ask the judge to waive the 10 days or not? The last thing I want to do is make him mad !

Monday, July 19, 2010

No Court Tomorrow :(

I received a call late this afternoon that our paperwork was not ready and that we would not be going to court tomorrow, you can imagine how my heart dropped.  She said hopefully she will talk to the Judge tomorrow and get it set for the next day which would be Wednesday, Please Pray this happens. I guess we all go into these adoptions knowing that at anytime things get a little unpredictable.

Tomorrow is Court !!!!

Tomorrow is court, and I am so nervous I just hope I say all the right things.  I want them to know how much this little boy is already loved and is already my son in my heart. I have been feeling under the weather the past three days not sure if it is the food, water or if I have caught a Ukrainian bug! LOL  But I think I am on my way to recovery.  This morning we went to the orphanage to see my precious angel, I guessed he missed us yesterday, I sure missed him!
I know my husband laughed and said I looked like and ape, but who cares, I was trying to catch my little monkey.
We did our same little routine except this morning he had vanilla/chocolate pudding instead of baby food and he loved it. It was so hot we were miserable especially after our hundred laps around the orphanage,  he loves to walk around and visit everyone he sees.
Please pray for us as we go to court tomorrow.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday and counting down til Court !!!

I am counting down the days until court, I am so excited and nervous.  Sunday is going to be hard we will not get to go to the orphanage so I know that day is just going to drag by, maybe I will clean the apartment and keep myself busy, YAYYY, can't wait for that ! 
Today when we got to the orphanage Duncan was inside with his groupa getting dressed, he is such a cutie he couldn't wait to get outside to get in my bag.  We met a lady here that is in the Peace Corp,  she is American and said she was staying here for 2 years, OH MY don't know how anyone could possibly stay here for 2 years, I  couldn't.  It is just not for me I love the good old USA.  While this lady was talking to me Duncan was getting very impatient he wanted in my bag so he could eat, he kept looking at me and finally just sat down on the curb and looked at me like OK enough talking I am ready to eat.  It was too cute.
In the morning we have to go get medicine for him at the pharmacy we were told that there was a sickness going around his groupa and they wanted to start him on medicine and maybe keep him from getting it.  I did notice that his nose was running so I pray he doesn't get sick. Here a few pictures of our visit.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Got our court date !!!!! YAYYYYY

Yesterday I was having a hard time I felt like we were standing still, but today it turned out wonderful we are off and running again. When Sasha picked us up this morning we went down and in the parking lot was like a school bus, with a what looked to be a homemade coffin with no lid it was empty and covered in red material.  I noticed people walking up carry flowers and I was like am I interupting something here and if so why in the parking lot of our apartments.  My husband I just looked at each like what is going on ? Now of course I had a confused look on my face when I got in the car and Sasha, who doesn't speak english made a gesture of a dead person laying down with their arms crossed. So later in the day I find out from Violette that it is tradition when someone dies they stay in their home or apartment for two nights before being buried then  they pick them up and bury them.  Well I was totally freaked out then knowing that the past two nights I have been sleeping in an apartment building with a dead boby, sorry but that is just too much for me. Just had to share that I just thought it was strange.

Well for the good stuff, we found out today that our court date will be Tuesday, July 20th at 11:00 I was so thrilled to find this out.  We have decieded that we will stay the whole time instead of flying back and being home not even a week before flying back.  We want to stay here til we are able to leave with our baby there is no sense spending the money on flights when we can tough it out. Unless something changes that is our plan for now.
Today we took Duncan to get his picture made for his passport and bless his heart I don't think he has ever been in a car since he was  brought to the orphanage. When we pulled through those gates he stood up in my lap and looked out the back windshield and stretched his little arms towards the orphanage and cried, it broke my heart.  To him this is his home all he has ever known, his comfort zone.  He finally sat down in my lap and just looked around with amazement, it was wonderful to be there to experience one of his first but sad in a way.  On the way back he almost fell asleep it was so cute to watch him try to hold his little eyes open.  When we step out of the car he was like the energizer bunny all over again.  I love him so much he is just precious, I thank God everyday that he brought him to our lives. I am so lucky to be able to be a mother to this child and my two children at home.
This is the greeting I get everyday !

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 10

Today we were told we will find out our court date tomorrow, please pray that we do and it is soon. I miss my children so bad I am so ready to get home, especially with Duncan on my hip! When I get down I always come to the computer and look at this precious face to remind me why I am here.
How could you not love that little face, this boy is so happy he just laughs all the time, his sister and brother are going to love him and spoil him rotten ! Today of course he came running and guess what the first thing he did was grab the backpack.   He  knows inside there are cookies and baby food it just cracks me up.
Today was the first day he really showed me any love and affection when I took him up to his groupa to eat lunch and leave him he didn't want to go,  his care giver put her arms out to get him and he laid his litte head on my shoulder and turned away from her.  Now yesterday he did cry but my husband said he just wanted to go back outside.  But today when he put his little head on my shoulder and snuggled closer I knew it was much more than going back outside. I can't wait until the day all they will see from the orphanage is this veiw here !

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


These are the gates that seperate me and my wonderful son, oh what joy it will be to be able to know that he will never have to be behind these gates every again. To pass thru them that one and final time knowing he never has to look back, he will have a family and life fulfilled with love and happiness this day can not come to soon for me.

Today we had a wonderful visit he ate of course and loved every minute he makes such cute faces and expressions when he eats and rocks his little head in a dancing motion it is so cute.  He is really a big fan of Dad,  he is always doing stuff to make him laugh and to make me laugh I am sure the workers thinks he is crazy but who cares if it gives Duncan joy that is all we care about. When we first got there they had him in a playpen I guess they can't chase him around like we do but when  he saw Allen he came running to him as fast as he could he recognizes us and that makes me feel pretty darn good, even if it is only to say hey there are those crazy people that feed me cookies and baby food.  We played and he unpacked the bag which he loves to do, we kinda kept him a little more occupied today in one area which was good because it is so hot.  By the end we were walking around the orphanage following him which was OK he is so cute you can see him cut his eyes to the side to make sure we are behind him....he knows what he is doing! lol When it was time to go we took him inside with his groupa to get ready to eat lunch and nap he turned to me and put his little arms up as if to say don't leave take me with you. It breaks my heart to leave him but I hugged him bye and could hear him crying when I left. How could something like this make you feel good and bad at the same time.  It makes me feel so bad to have to leave him, but on the other hand it makes me feel good that he is getting attached and can feel the love I have for him.  Please pray we find out a court date soon, we are just taking this one day at a time.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Today we went to the orphanage about 10:00 am when we got there all the children were playing outside they had music playing from the open windows it was very pleasant. When we first arrived we walked around the playground and finally saw our little man walking around with his little hat on, he looked so cute.  At first I don't think he knew who we were and then he spotted the bag and it was on.  He loves to try to get in our backpack to see what goodies we have.  I brought him some baby food and he ate it all up and loved it.  It was a big jar too, not one of the small ones, we tryed to give him some water and he spit it everywhere and just laughed he thought that was the funniest thing ever. I think that boy would eat forever if you would just sit and feed him.  He is such a happy child and loves to be outside, but he can not be still for 5 seconds he is off and into everything.  I love him so much and want to snuggle him up but he just won't have it right now he is just to busy for all that mushy stuff !


Sunday, July 11, 2010


Today we were not allowed to go see Duncan, so I knew it was going to be a long day. I did not go to bed until 4:00 am and got up at 4:00 pm today I just can't get on this time schedule which today was ok I just wanted the day to go by.  I miss my two children something terrible, but I know in the end it will all be worth the sacrifices we have all made. We ventured out on the streets to find some supper and we came across a place to eat when we went in we weren't sure what it was.  But it was Sushi, which I am not fond of at all, my husband likes it but not me but we sat down and looked over the menu. He had California Roll and I had a shrimp and crab salad which was really good.

                    here are some pictures of our apartment

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 2 with Duncan

Sasha picked us up at 9:30 to go to the orphanage it was pouring down rain and the streets in places were flooded.  I have never seen such poor streets in my whole life, there are holes that I could lay down in.  Once we got to the orphanage he took us upstairs we were met by one of the workers and several children that ran to the door.  The care taker yelled for Duncan and I saw him across the room he turned around and saw us and he came running knocking several children to the floor. I was so surprised he had remembered us he went straight to his  daddy to pick him up it made my heart smile.  It was wonderful they took us to a room to play with him, there we met another couple from Canada who is also adopting.  But let me tell you it was on at that point, that boy had us sweating he was all over that room he has so much energy and is very stubborn. Allen and I were laughing about how we were having to chase him around that room, whew I thought I was going to die with a heat stroke before it was all over. He is defintely going to keep our family busy.  Does anybody have any recommendations on how I am going to keep him occupied on a 15 hour train ride and flight back to the states ? Please give me some suggestions. He is wonderful and so happy I can't wait to get him home to meet his new brother and sister.


Friday, July 9, 2010

15 Hour Train Ride

We got on a train at 6:40 pm yesterday and did not arrive in region until 9:50 am this morning talk about a long ride. It was loud, hot and kept stopping it made it almost impossible to sleep not to mention I could hear the man next to us snoring. I saw  so many things that made me appreciate the little things in life. When we got off the train we were meet by Violette and Sasha they took us straight to get the documents needed to visit the orphanage we hit the ground running.  As to my surprise they said are you ready to meet your baby, I was like today and she said yes I was so thrilled I couldn't hardly stand myself the day I have waited for is finally here.  We drove in the gates and all in the parking lot you could see the toys we went in and talked with the director and she gave us information about Duncan, we found out he does have an older sister which still remains with their birth parents.  when they saw that he had down syndrome he was left at the hospital. Duncan has been at that orphange since he was a month old. According to the director he has no health issues other than downs she said he is very active, can feed himself with a spoon and can also dress himself. He started walking at the age of one, hearing all this I was very impressed.  The orphanage was not what a expected at all it was very nice and clean and looked as if all the children were very well cared for, the director seemed to really care about these children.
We walked up stairs with the director we were in a hallway and she went into a room and said here is your mama and papa come, I peeked around the corner and there he was sitting in a little chair at a table playing with toys and eating a cookie, I can not describe the feelings I had it was wonderful.  He was so happy he laughed with us and at us it was wonderful, he is so full of energy I have forgotten what it is like to be around a 2 year old he was wide open and I loved it! I can't wait to see him tomorrow.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

SDA Hearing

Yulia had a taxi pick us up at 9:30 am to take us to our meeting, when we arrived we went into the building and sat on a couch didn't wait long not even 5 minutes, we went into an office with Yulia and another lady they brought out his file and ask us several questions about why we wanted to adopt a special needs child and to tell us information about ourselves. They showed us a picture of him as an infant it was precious he is such a cutie and one other picture that we have never seen before.  He was abandoned  at the hospital by his parents and he has no siblingsAll medical records show no health problems just has down syndrome. I just can't imagine how anyone could just leave their child no matter what health issues they haveWe pickup our referal tomorrow between 4 and 5 and then we will travel by train to his region, from what I understand it is a long way from Kiev so we will be on a train all night I am sure.  I just can't wait to meet my baby it won't be long

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jet Lag is a killer

Here are pictures of our apartment and our pizza we had for supper it was wonderful ! Don't know why they are in this order I am not much of a blog expert,  Not much to tell today we slept until 2 this afternoon, this jet lag is killing me or this time change not sure which it is.  We are not very good grocery shoppers here we got buttermilk instead of milk milk LOL, water that taste like alka selzter, I did get some Coke Light but it is gone. Hopefully we will do better tomorrow. Yulia called and said for us to be ready in the morning at 9:30 am for our SDA Hearing I can't wait, maybe I will have some interesting news tomorrow. 

Monday, July 5, 2010

Finally Here !!!!

I am finally here in Kiev I can't  believe it !! It was so hard leaving home and my two children but we all know it is what is meant to be and that soon they will have a little  brother. Allen and I are very tired, had problems getting internet been running around the city until we could find what we needed for the computerNo one speaks english and it is so hard to communicate

Our flights were not bad at all and I did not freak out like I thought....I prayed a lot :) When we arrived we were not sure what would happen next or where we were suppose to go but as soon as we got outside of the airport there stood Nikoli holding a sign that said Freeman oh how relieved I wasBut let me just tell ya the driving here is outrageous but I was so tired I could have cared lessHope to post pictures of our apartment tomorrowThanks for all the prayers and please keep them coming, this is really hard being away from homeBut I am so looking forward to meeting my new son.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

On My Way

Just wanted to drop a quick note to let everyone know that I am about to get on a plane headed for my baby ! I have so many emotions right now I am so sad about leaving my children but on the other hand so excited about meeting my new son. Please pray that this process is fast and easy so we can bring our baby home asap. I will try to post as soon as I can. Love and hugs to everyone :)