Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Last Friday was Andrew's 4th birthday, we had a little party with just immediate family.  Last year on his birthday he had only been her 2 weeks and wasn't sure at all what was going on.  He carried his gift bags around like pocketbooks didn't know he had a surprise in them.  He also rubbed his cake all in his hair and face and didn't eat a bite!!! Man how times have changed, there was no certain time for opening presents if you came in with one he was opening it right then!  I think he ate 3 pieces of cake, I know 2 for sure !!  His favorite part of it all was singing Happy Birthday and blowing out the candles.  I bet we did it twenty times he loved it and I thought you know if he wants to sing it over and over and blow out the candles that is what we are gonna do.

I also couldn't help but think of his parents and wondering whether or not he crossed their minds on that day. How could they not think of him or wonder where he was or what he was doing and if he had a good family.  I even thought about sending them a picture of him so they could see just how happy, normal and wonderful he really is! But my husband told me no way don't you dare send them anything.  He is right and I really don't want them to know anything about where he is or anything.  His family is here, it just so hard for me to believe someone could just give their child up, but so glad they did. God knew what he was doing knowing that angel would be a part of our family.

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  1. YAY!!! Happy Birthday Andrew!!!! He is a beauty!