Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday and counting down til Court !!!

I am counting down the days until court, I am so excited and nervous.  Sunday is going to be hard we will not get to go to the orphanage so I know that day is just going to drag by, maybe I will clean the apartment and keep myself busy, YAYYY, can't wait for that ! 
Today when we got to the orphanage Duncan was inside with his groupa getting dressed, he is such a cutie he couldn't wait to get outside to get in my bag.  We met a lady here that is in the Peace Corp,  she is American and said she was staying here for 2 years, OH MY don't know how anyone could possibly stay here for 2 years, I  couldn't.  It is just not for me I love the good old USA.  While this lady was talking to me Duncan was getting very impatient he wanted in my bag so he could eat, he kept looking at me and finally just sat down on the curb and looked at me like OK enough talking I am ready to eat.  It was too cute.
In the morning we have to go get medicine for him at the pharmacy we were told that there was a sickness going around his groupa and they wanted to start him on medicine and maybe keep him from getting it.  I did notice that his nose was running so I pray he doesn't get sick. Here a few pictures of our visit.

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  1. I have continued to follow you guys here and on Facebook....

    It is so exciting knowing that things are moving as quickly as they are....I am sure it is because the bonding has gone so well!

    Please keep the news and photos coming...

    And again, if you need me for anything at all when you get back home, I am here for the two of you!