Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fun Day

Yesterday we went to Columbia to see Byrnes High School play for the State Championship, for the ninth time, but this time they lost. This is the school that my husband attended and that my children will attend. The high school I attended, Dorman they beat Byrnes for the State Championship !!! But I have to admit I am truly now a Byrnes Rebel :-) My son, who is 7 loves football. As I sat and watched the game I wondered what it will be like next year football season will Duncan love football like Aaron? I know it will all be new to him but I can't wait to see his reaction to all that he will see and do. After the game we went to the State Museum and to the mall we had a great day out. I felt guilty because I wasn't home trying to advance more towards the journey of our adoption but my husband and I did talk of ways to start some great fundraisers on the ride down.

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  1. What a beautiful little boy! I hope you get to bring him home soon!