Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan

Monday, March 29, 2010


This is really getting depressing, I know I shouldn't be expecting anything yet since they messed all the paperwork up, but I just can't help but hold my breath every time I check the mail. I just keep praying I will get it this week hoping they realize how much time has been wasted since they had to send it back and put a rush on it. The past week has been horrible 1st I get poison oak on both arms and it is still there itching like crazy 2nd I find holes in my dining room wall guess what? TERMITES !!!!!! Lastly the alternator goes out on our van so I really think the devil is testing me. But it is OK because I am going to take one day at a time and all this can be fixed within time. 

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  1. I am so sorry! I can totally relate! It all seems to happen at once, and yet all you really care about is having one little sheet of paper! UGH!

    I hate waiting, and the only thing I can do to get through it all is to hold tight to God. I don't have anything left. I tell Him that all the time. Just cling tight to Him.... It doesn't get better till you are holding your little one in your arms for good!