Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan

Sunday, February 21, 2010

It was a beautiful weekend with sunshine and warmer weather, Thank the Lord! Went to my friends house and met her little girl she was so precious and I can't get her off my mind she was the most loving baby I have ever seen....I wanted to take her home. I hope Duncan will be the same such a joy, I'm sure he will be.

In the morning is our trip to get our fingerprints, I am so nervous and excited. We are finally getter closer but I am worried about the financial part, I know I need to have faith. This week we have had several people make donations which really touches my heart. I know it will come within time. Our Womanless Fashion show is this coming Saturday this is going to be so funny, we have County Deputies, Jail Officers and some State Highway Patrolmen..... it took me a lot to convince some of them to dress like women. But when they see Duncan's little face they know it is worth making a fool out of themselves. THANKS GUYS, IT MEANS ALOT !!!!

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