Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Today I was a little emotional thinking about Duncan , wish I was on my way to pick him up and bring him to his new home. The Judge I work for is in the process of adopting his second little girl from China. Yesterday the day of his mothers funeral he got a call saying he and his wife had been matched with a little girl who was 10 months old. It really touched him that God had taken away someone really special in his life, his mother and in turn gave him a wonderful gift a little girl who is being named after his mother. I know God is in control and knows actually the right time for everything. This really touched me and gave me chills as he showed me the picture of his new little girl. Please help me in praying for this family as they bring this special child into their home.

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  1. How beautiful. My mom had one of her very good friends die on the day Luke was born. When she found out that we were matched with him 3 days later, it helped her so much. And she totally let go of all reservations with his adoption.

    God is awesome!