Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan

Monday, January 4, 2010

Nothing is really new, I still don't have the medical forms should be getting them tomorrow. I have finished more paperwork but still have some more to go. I will really be glad when that part is over. The lady from the home study is still coming Wednesday and I am very nervous just don't know what to expect. The church where my children go to an after school program are setting up a silent auction for us as a fundraiser. We are also planning a hot dog sale at the end of January and a woman less fashion show in February which should be a hoot! I am so touched how people are willing to help it really has taught me a lesson. The past few days I have been nervous about the whole thing I just want to bring him home. I dread going to the Ukraine it scares me to death seeing as how I have only been on a plane once in my life and I hated it!!! Not to mention I was only on it for a few hours. I know it will be all worth it to see that little face in person and to be able to hold him and comfort him. I have to trust in the Lord to keep me calm and help me through this whole journey.


  1. Aimee,
    Hi! I'm Elisabeth from the Reece's Rainbow family. I have many donations from friends here in GA that were given to us for Ruslana's orphanage. We took all that we could, but were given so much that we ran out of room in our luggage and sadly didn't make the 2nd trip.:( My grandfather lives in your town and I'd love to get the donations to you so you can take them to Duncan's orphanage. Feel free to email me if you may be interested in these items.

    Congratulations on your adoption of Duncan! He stole my hubby's heart the moment he saw him- what a beauty!! You are so blessed!
    In Him,

  2. The homestudy is always nerve racking, even when you have done it twice before! Something about feeling like you are opening yourselves to judgment can make a mess of our brains! :)

    I love flying. But in no way am I looking forward to an 8+ hour flight! I wish I could fly first class! :)