Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan

Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Visit to the Doctor.

Today Andrew had his first visit to the doctor and they loved him and thought he was so cute.  The doctor said he heard no heart murmurs, he was up to date on all his shots so he doesn't get any shots until he is 4.  He wants to see him in 2 months to keep check on his growth since he is small for his age.  They are making him an appointment with an eye doctor that specializes in children.
I received a call from our school district, they offer different classes and therapy for children with special needs and they can start at the age of 3.  We have an appointment with them this coming Tuesday. I am so glad we live in such a wonderful school district.
Andrew has adjusted so well in our family it is like he has been here his whole life and I am so proud of my two children they love him so much. They give him anything he wants they spoil him just as much as I do. Here are some pictures of my three monkeys together.
                                        Aaron decided to feed him chocolate pudding when I wasn't looking!
                                        Believe me he does not need chocolate :)
                                       Look at this precious Angel, how could anyone not love this precious child!
                                       I thank the Lord everyday for my beautiful children, he has blessed
                                       me more than I deserve.   


  1. Aimee,
    You are blessed! All 3 of your children are just precious. It's amazing but I think Andrew resembles Allen! I love it when children who the Lord has blessed us with through adoption start to resemble their adoptive parents. He is good!