Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


                        Last night in Kiev at TGI Friday's
                                        Packing to go home !!!!! YEEEAAAAAAAAAAA   

Here are pictures from the airport, Thanks Leeann for taking them otherwise I wouldn't have any. You are a wonderful friend.
                                             My Mom, so glad to see her !    
                                             Meeting his granny for the first time.
                                             Big sissy is so glad to finally meet her little brother.
Loving my little man!

                                                Meeting my new little friend Emma.


  1. So glad everyone is home safe. Andrew is precious! Can't wait to watch him and Emma play together!

  2. The pride on your daughter's eyes just made me tear up! She looks so happy to have a baby brother!

  3. It's like this baby has been a part of our family forever. God has blessed us more than we deserve with this precious child!!!

  4. Well....What a joyful thing to see! Thanks so much for sharing all of this experience with all of us....Andrew has been so have all of you!!


  5. these are beautiful! no matter how old we get, we always need our mom's don't we. i am so glad you're home!