Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan

Monday, August 9, 2010


Right now I am feeling so helpless I don't know how to describe what I am going through, sorry but this will be a negative post, I just can't help it and I need to express my feelings.  We were waiting today to find out about Andrew's passport, which ended up with bad news.  We will not even be able to start the process until next Monday.  I have done nothing but cry, because I am doing a single parent adoption with support of spouse the Judge would not take the father's name off the birth certificate, we have to have his permission to get the passport to take him back to the USA.

Please tell me this is not crazy, we have a court document saying I am the mother that he is legally my son through adoption, we have the letter signed by both parents saying they give up their rights and that they don't want the child. But this is not good enough they have to have a notarized letter from the father giving permission to get his passport, I just don't understand. They have notified his biological father he agrees to do this but he is not here and won't be back until Sunday.  Yes that is good that he agrees to do this but why should it even be to begin with.  Now we will not be leaving as planned on Friday who knows when we will get to leave, I am just so upset and depressed about the whole situation. My children start school next week and I won't even be there, I feel guilty because they are having such a hard time with us being gone to begin with.  I know that the Lord has his plan and no I don't have to understand it all but right now I am having a real hard time.
I also worry about if the father has to give his permission what keeps him from coming to the US in the future and trying to take Andrew away, I asked that question and they said no, he has no rights !
Whew tell me do you understand any of this ? He has no rights but I have to get his permission to get a passport!
This is also a big financial burden on us we had not planned to stay here this long again, but here we are I just hope and pray everything works out.  Again sorry but I just have to express my true feelings and right now they are not good.
On the brighter side, Andrew is a joy and a precious child he feels like we have had him since birth, he is getting to where he really loves to snuggle and loves to be held and I love every minute of that.


  1. We know ALL about the bumps and hurdles and mountains in the road. We've been jumping over many of our own. Adoptions in that country are so NOT EASY! I am sorry this is happening and will definitely cover you with prayers. Praying that the time spent with your dear sweet one will be precious and memorable. Praying that your children at home will have peace. Next year you (and us too) will look back upon this time and laugh and remember and realize just how much God was carrying you and us). Today you weep. It's okay. We have done our share. Tomorrow we rejoice! Hang in until tomorrow!!

  2. As I've told you before, you remember when the Lord gave you the sign (you had been asking Him for it) as to whether or not you were to be the mother of a downs syndrome child? When that little boy with downs came over to you and didn't know you and had never seen you - hugged your neck and said "Thank You, I Love You", YOU KNEW THAT WAS YOUR SIGN! This was meant to be and the Lord has not changed his mind. Just remember God is still on the Throne. The passport is coming and I will see your smiling face soon! I love you! mama

  3. I feel in my heart of hearts that everything is going to work out for you guys and Andrew.

    Hang in there....


  4. Awww Aimee, I'm so sorry you are having such a rough time. I'll say some extra prayers for you. Big HUGS!