Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Still here and waiting

Haven't posted in a while just haven't  felt up to it, We are still hoping and praying that Monday everything comes through and we get Andrew's passport. Please pray that everything works out we need to get home.  I don't know what we will do if we don't we are almost out of money and patience, we have to get home.  Our children start school Monday and we won't be there but they have their school supplies thanks to Nana and Aunt Vicky.  If it weren't from them and Granny we don' t know what we would have done.  I miss my two babies so much, which they are not babies anymore Alaina is going in the 5th grade and Aaron in the 3rd I can't believe how time flies.
Andrew is wonderful he feels like he has been ours forever, he has no difficulties at all since he left the orphanage.  We stay in most of the time only going to the market to get food which makes the day so long.  We eat the same food over and over because we aren't really sure what foods are what.  But we are not going hungry.  Andrew loves to eat he doesn't care what it is, if we eat it he wants it.  Last night I ate a tomato sandwich for supper and guess who came along and wanted some, and yes he ate it and loved it.  I guess he will make a great Southerner !!!
Well here are a few pictures I took over the last few days of our new little man.

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  1. Oh so adorable photos. You guys have been on my mind lately, glad to see an update. Praying that you get good news this week and will be on your way home soon.

    Teri in Virginia