Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gotcha Day

Sorry I haven't posted lost internet service and last night I was just plain wiped out and stressed not to mention very excited about bringing my Andrew out of the orphanage where he will never have to return. 
Yesterday morning started out very busy, we went and picked up his new birth certificate, tax id number and then started on the paperwork for his passport.  When all was said and done we could not get his passport because his real father's name is on his birth certificate.  I don't understand it either but I am doing a single parent adoption with support of spouse which the Judge said the father's name shall remain on his birth certificate but with me being the mother.  I have all the necessary paperwork, I have the adoption decree saying that he is my son, I have a letter signed by both his parents saying they don't want him and that he can be adopted by a Ukrainian Citizen or a foreigner so HEY WHAT MORE CAN THEY WANT!  I was so upset and stressed yesterday I didn't know what to do.  Violette is going Monday to talk to the Judge to see if she can straighten it out.  Let me just say she is wonderful and worked very hard to try to resolve this on Friday but it was not in her control she ran from one office to another trying to get papers that would resolve the situation but nothing would satisfy them.  So please pray that Monday the Judge will have the answer we need. 
They day ended with the most wonderful thing of all I got to go and pick my baby up from the orphanage where he will never have to return.  He is so content here with us he has not cried or anything he slept all night and has even taken his nap today.  He is wonderful, and a typical 2 year old he is into everything and I am wore out from chasing him around this 3 room apartment so that should be really intersting when we get back home.
We forgot our camara so the pictures we took are from my husband's cell phone.
                                                          We are on our way out now!

Gates of Freedom !


  1. YAAAAY!!!! Aimee, what size clothes is he wearing?? I'm thinking that Timothy is going to be about the same size as your little guy.

  2. he wears a size 5 in shoes, 24mths shirt and 18 mth shorts.

  3. He's just to cute! Congratulations on your gotcha day